Trip to Africa 2.4b Pharmacy

I did feel that we had half a pharmacy with us and, as it turned out, we did not need that much but it was good to have it just in case.

The following is a list of what we took between us and many thanks to Nick Kaye for his help in providing most of this.


Prevention before you go:
Yellow Fever Essential as travelling from Uganda otherwise not essential
Hep A and Typhoid
Hep B
Malaria We used Doxycycline and this is inexpensive and has very few side effects.
Diamox Helps acclimatisation – see notes I found this did work for me. You do need a prescription to get it.
Other more general medicines:
General tropical first aid kit Includes water purifying tablets, needles etc.
Antihistamines Piriton
Anthistan bite cream
Imodium or equivalent.
Anti-mosquito spray
Sun block cream Factor 50 sun block on any exposed areas.
Strong lip salve UV sun block to put on daily.
Sore throat Strepsils
Colds and flu remedy
Indigestion – Gaviscon etc.
Pain killers – neurophen/paracetamol etc.
Wet wipes, toilet tissue and ordinary tissues etc. Andrex do an excleent travel pack. Wet wipes are really helpful as you do not get much chance to wash!
P-bottle Needed in the middle of the night! We used Nalgene folding plastic bottles.
Blister pack for feet
Toe protectors If your toes tend to rub together.
Plasters etc.
Athlete’s foot Lamisil once used before going
Nail scissors or clippers.
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