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This web site is all about “The Last Responsible Moment” – not to be confused with the “Last Possible Moment”!!!

This all came about after a conversation with my son Jim when talking about Agile and he used the phrase “Defer until the last responsible moment” and it just seemed to click with me and thinking it was time I had some sort of web presence I went off and registered the domain and got started (with a fair bit of help from Jim!).

The purpose is to have somewhere that I can use as a communication channel, if there is anyone out there listening, and a place for discussion and debate about anything I feel relevant but with an emphasis on Agile based on the work that I have been doing in Cornwall whilst working for Grow Cornwall and, now, working for Sullivan Cuff Software Ltd.

I am also adding details of my recent extraordinary trip to Africa so that I can share this with a wider audience. Select category Trip to Africa on the right.

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Acknowledgements must go to: Jim Barritt, Allan Kelly, Benjamin Mitchell and Jon Jagger and many thanks to all my friends, colleagues and family.